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of Bees.

Did you know, that Bees pollinate a majority of our food resources and that without them, Humans will soon run out of food? Find out how you, together with Honeytiser, can help the Bees!

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Welcome to Honeytiser.

HONEYTISER is the worlds first refreshing beverage on pure organic blossom honey basis. HONEYTISER is sustainable and biological, incredibly refreshing and great tasting. Everyone will be buzzing for this world-first. Refined with natural aromas from blossoms of the Bee's favourite flowers and the natural taste of sun-ripened bio-lemons, HONEYTISER is THE summer beverage 2019.
HONEYTISER convinces with its fruity, soft aroma and a subtle taste of honey. All ingredients of Honeytiser are 100% biological and from strictly regulated biological and sustainable cultivations. Only the best ingredients are worth being used for HONEYTISER, which distinguishes the tremendous quality. Consuming honey makes happy.

See our ingredients below:


organic blossom honey

Lemon aroma

Lime blossom extract

Elderflower extract

Dandelion extract

Lemon extract


The Bee.

Did you know, that without bees and their habitat we will soon run out of food? Bees are responsible for 80% of all pollination. If we destroy their habitats, the bees will die out eventually. HONEYTISER set itself the goal of protecting bees and protect, grow and sustain their environments. For this, we cooperate with many bee-lovers, bee-keepers and companies. Protect the bees together with us.


A part of the profit of each can of Honeytiser goes straight into the sustainability and creation of bee pastures and into the protection of the bees themselves. The ingredients of Honeytiser originate from sustainable and biological, Austrian, agriculture. The preservation of untouched areas for the bees is of utmost importance to us.


Protecting the bees is a matter close to heart for us. We care for the preservation of bees, cultivation of new colonies, the abolition of using pesticides and an international collaboration of bee-keepers. With each can of Honeytiser you can become a sustainable protector of bees.


The fine selection of natural extracts from the bee's favourite flowers, refined with the soft taste of Austrian organic blossom honey and a subtle taste of citrus make Honeytiser a refershing, sustainable beverage with outstanding flavour.

Our partners.

You want to partner with us? Wether small shop or large grocery chain, everyone who wants to be successful through the sale of Honeytiser and the cultivation of bees is welcome. Just send us a message and we'll arrange a meeting with you. Your customers will love Honeytiser!

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